CONFIRMED! Graphene Oxide Main Ingredient In Covid Shots

Ariyana Love

By Dr. Ariyana Love, ND

A former Pfizer employee and current analyst for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries, came forward with indisputable documentation proving that GRAPHENE OXIDE NANOPARTICLES is the key ingredient in Biotech’s Covid-19 serums.

This means that an unapproved industrial poison is being dishonestly marketed as “vaccines” and injected into children’s veins.

In her must-watchinterview with Stew Peter’s on July 28th, Kingston reveals how graphene oxide was hidden under a trade secret. It was therefore not recorded in Biotech’s patent filing as an ingredient in the Covid-19 serums. It was also not disclosed to the public Kingston explains, because it was not required due to it being the registered intellectual property of the pharmaceutical cartel.

Prior to the Stew Peters interview, Karen Kingston did a series of four additional interviews with Doug Billings on The Right Side. These are all well worth listening to:

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