I Dream

I dream of brighter days to come;
days of laughter, joking and having fun.
I dream of days of peace on Earth;
when a man is valued for what he's worth.
I dream of days when Love prevails;
when marriage lasts, and wickedness fai1s.
I dream of days of cool mountain air,
when no one has sorrows or griefs to bear.
I dream of hearing the children's laughter,
when they can play openly, not fearing disaster.
But, until the hatred and greed of this world is silenced;
I'll just have to dream of days free from violence...

David W. Fowler

©1995; Published 1996

NIH Documents Show Fauci Disobeyed Obama Order to Halt Risky COVID Virus Research Funding to Wuhan Labs, Bug is Man-Made

Independently corroborating sources now suggest beyond a shadow of a doubt that the COVID-19 virus was man-made in the China Wuhan lab, with research funding which was approved by Dr. Anthony Fauci, through a conduit in New York, even after President Obama had ordered all funding for such research to stop. The 2014 Obama order […]

NIH Documents Show Fauci Disobeyed Obama Order to Halt Risky COVID Virus Research Funding to Wuhan Labs, Bug is Man-Made

Longing for the Lord

So many times I worry about things in this World 🌎 too much. There’s never enough money (in my mind), never enough materials for me complete a project. But, I have found that when I let go and listen to You, that “still, small voice,” always guides me in the paths I should take. By Your Grace we always have plenty.

I end up worrying over the World situation way too much. The signs of Your coming are more apparent than ever; but, we know, that things will get much worse before that day comes. Thank you Yeshua for your amazing Grace and Blessings.


BRYCE ON POLITICS – What are their qualifications? Click for AUDIO VERSION. To use this segment in a Radio broadcast or Podcast, send TIM a request. I happened to watch the opening statements by the Democrat House members prosecuting former President Trump in Impeachment 2.0. Their arguments were laughable as they deliberately took the president’s […]


Symbols Conceal and Reveal

Above are the official symbols of: Early symbol of Christianity merged with the Roman Empire Israeli Mossad The United Soviet Socialist Republics emblem The current United Nations emblem It’s quite interesting how similar these all are to one another as it’s also interesting how each of these “wreathed” emblems represent domination. Constantine converted to Christianity […]

Symbols Conceal and Reveal

Some of the studies I did on Different philosophies back in 1995.


HISTORY: Born in Clermont-Ferrand in Auvergne June 19, 1623. Died, August 19, 1623

Held that the word “proximate power” was: Necessary for doing a [thing] in such a manner that nothing is wanting to performance.”

NEW THOMISTS – Maintained that the word “proximate power” was; “That the righteous require another supply for praying, without which they will never pray. They must have, besides, an efficacious grace bestowed upon all, and which determines their will to pray; and it is heresy to deny the necessity of that efficacious grace in order to pray.”

JANSENISTS ~ (Pascal belonged to this sect) – Maintained that “while the righteous have power to pray, they require nevertheless, an efficacious grace.”

JESUITS ~ Defined “sufficient grace” as “a grace generally given to all men, subject in such a way to free-will that the will renders it efficacious or inefficacious at its pleasure, without any additional aid from God and without wanting anything on his part in order to act effectively; and hence they term this grace, “sufficient” because it suffices of itself for action.”

REFERENCES MADE TO: 1) Doctrine of Molina? 2) Clement VIII 3) Pope Paul V 4) St. Augustine 5) referred to Luther and Calvin’s doctrine as heresy (said a Monk, NOT Pascal). 6) St. Thomas.

ARISTOTLE’S ETHICS1 (taken from third book)

ARISTOTLE ~ “An action cannot be imputed as blameworthy, if it be involuntary.” Involuntary being: “When the will is led inconsiderately, and without mature reflection to embrace or reject, to do or omit to do anything, before the understanding has been able to see whether it would be right or wrong such an action is neither good nor evil because previous to this mental inquisition, view, and reflection on the good or bad qualities of the matter in question, the act by which it is done is not voluntary.”

1pg. 25, from Pascal’s book.

a Information taken from, “Great Books of the Western World, a chronology of the great authors.” Encyclopedia Britannica, INC. First Edition 1952; Second Edition 1990; Fourth Printing, 1993.

Pascal’s book contains: “The provincial Letters;” “pensées;” and “Scientific Treatises.”